Litter whelped 29th Sept 2002 

7 males and 4 females - 1 male available (27.02.2003)

        Zara stacked 11.JPG (86109 bytes)

"Kyle"                                      &                                     "Zara"
Gr Ch Mistypoint Falcons Image CD ADM JDX ET x Hermes Gracewing Zara (Imp NZ)

Both dogs have been hip scored and are below the breed average.

Both dogs have excellent temperaments and have passed the Golden Retriever Club of SA inc's evaluation test which considers them both suitable to visit aged nursing homes.

Kyle has been shot over although I do not trial or work him in the field, Zara is sired by a dog from a top German working kennel. She shows good working instincts always looking for birds and rabbits on our property.

Both dogs are sound and move with excellent reach and drive.

Kyle has three agility titles, his dam has four agility titles. Zara's dam also has two agility titles which would hopefully give us a good biddable working line.

There is only one male left please email me if you are interested.

B6 15 weeks.JPG (97143 bytes)    B6 15w head.JPG (71559 bytes)

For more pictures of the dogs and details of their achievements visit their individual pages.

The proposed pedigree:


Cesar Vom Birkengrund (GMY)

  Eng Ch Axel Von Esterfeld Of Raycris (UK - IMP GMY)

Edda Amisia (GMY)

Aust Ch Raene The Kqrac Falcon JW (IMP UK)


Plantagenets Hugo (UK)

  Eng Sh Ch Datroy Ovation Of Raene (UK) 

Meadlands Frederica Of Gavalie (UK)

Gr Ch Mistypoint Falcons Image CD ADM JDX ET

Farro Von Der Langen Welde (GMY)

  Aust Ch Barry Vom Entenschnabel JW (IMP GMY)
  Anja Vom Kranemeer (GMY)

Aust Grand Ch Seelenmeyer Fantasia CD ADM JD ET

  Eng Ch Ravenshead Sacha Of Raycris (UK)
  Aust Ch Raene Passion (IMP UK)
  Bonney Von Wenningfeld Of Jemas (GMY)


  Jack V Sudolenburg (Gmy)
  Don Vom Larchenwald (Gmy)

Gitta Von Der Burgmannstadt (Gmy)

Ferdi Vom Marienbrink Bei Raycris (Imp Gmy) (UK)


Amor v Wendlinghausen (Gmy)

  Bille Vom Marienbrink (GMY)

Asta V Buschhausen (Gmy)

Hermes Gracewing Zara (Imp NZ)

Aust Ch Barry Von Entenschnabel JW (Imp Gmy)

  N.Z. Ch Seelenmeyer Falcon (Imp Aust)
  Aust Ch Raene Passion (Imp UK)

N.Z. Ch Flique Flaque of Hermes ADX 

  N.Z. Ch Ghyllbeck Tui (Imp UK)
  N.Z. Ch Penmouth Heidi
  N.Z. Ch Odette of Ivydale



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