Aust Grand Champion Seelenmeyer Fantasia 
CD ADM JD ET "Britta"

Whelped 6th February 1990 - Hip Score 6:6 Total 12

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   Britta's Pedigree

  Lars v Hochholz (Gmy)
  Farro Von Der Langen Welde (GMY)

Moni De Wynen (Gmy)

Aust Ch Barry Vom Entenschnabel JW (IMP GMY)

Amor v Wendlinghausen (Gmy)

  Anja Vom Kranemeer (GMY)

Anja v Schlossrain (Gmy)


Eng Sh Ch Maurbry Allan of Selkit (UK)

  Eng Ch Ravenshead Sacha Of Raycris (UK)
  Salyan Lady Jane (UK)
Aust Ch Raene Passion (IMP UK)
  Benn Vom Forstenberg (Gmy)
  Bonney Von Wenningfeld Of Jemas (GMY)
  Hera Vom Westmunsterland (Gmy)

Britta's achievements:

Dam of Australian Champion, Grand Champion, Obedience Champion, Obedience  and Agility titled progeny.

  Australia's first Australian Grand Champion Large Munsterlander (1000 challenge points).

  Britta gained her Australian Grand Championship title January 1998, one week before her eighth birthday.

Bitch Challenge Melbourne Royal 95 (BOB), Canberra Royal 98 & 99

Reserve Bitch Challenge Adelaide Royal 94, 95, 96 & 98

Gained her Australian Champion Title in March 1991 at just twelve months of age.

Class in show winner - open specialty show

Gained her Companion Dog (C.D.) Title in May 1992.

Placed in Obedience Trials.

Won and placed in Retrieving Trials during 1991 & 1992.    

Gained her Qualifying Certificate (Q.C.) for Retrieving Trials in August 1991.

Britta won the Gundog Club of South Australia's Dual Champion Markheim Debonair Trophy for attaining qualifications - challenges - wins/places in Obedience, Retrieving and Conformation all in one year. The youngest winner of any breed, the trophy is so hard to win that it has only been awarded 4 times since it was first offered in 1986.

Placed in Agility Trials in Novice, Open and Masters.

Gained her Agility Dog Title (A.D.) in May 1997 (First A.D. Munsterlander in Australia).

Gained her Agility Dog Excellent Title (A.D.X.) in October 1998 (First A.D.X. Munsterlander in Australia).

Gained her Agility Dog Master Title (A.D.M.) in May 2000 at 10 years of age.

Fourth placed Open Agility Dog - South Australian Canine Association 1998.

Top Open Agility Dog/Bitch Gawler & Districts Obedience Dog Club 1998

Runner up Top Agility Dog/Bitch Gawler & Districts Obedience Dog Club 1998.

Top Untitled Agility Dog/Bitch 1998 - Agility Dog Club of SA inc.

Top Open Agility Dog/Bitch 1999 - Agility Dog Club of SA inc. 

Runner up Masters Agility Dog/Bitch 2000 - Agility Dog Club of SA inc. 

Royal Adelaide Show 1999 Open Agility Qualification 3rd place, Masters Agility Qualification 8th place.

Royal Adelaide Show 2000 Open Agility Qualification 6th place, Masters Agility Qualification 10th place.

Top Agility Gundog Bitch -  Gundog Club of South Australian inc 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000.

Qualified to compete in the 1998 State Championships runoff in Novice Agility and Open Agility (required top 10 placing).

Qualified to compete in the 2000 State Championships runoff in Open Agility and Masters Agility (required top 10 placing), successfully gaining a place in the final in both classes, one of only 6 dogs out of 100 entries to qualify in two classes.

2000 State Championship Agility Final Britta placed 5th in Open and 10th in Masters at 10 years of age.

Multi place winner in Novice Jumping Trials.

2001 First National Agility Trial Britta gained a Novice Jumping leg and 13th place at 11 1/2 years beating over 40 dogs, some up to 10 years her junior.

2001 Royal Adelaide Show Britta gained her Novice Jumping Dog title in style with a qualification and fifth place. This makes her the first female Munsterlander in Australia with a Jumping Title.

Registered "Caring Companion" - Golden Retriever Club of SA inc 

      Britta as a baby                                                                    Britta as a baby

Britta_sitting_puppy.JPG (38105 bytes)      Britta_baby_jumping.JPG (34250 bytes)  Britta__me.JPG (61324 bytes)

            Britta at 14 weeks sitting and learning to jump.....           Britta getting a cuddle with me

Britta stacked 9 months.JPG (65810 bytes)                Britta on the lounge.JPG (29459 bytes)

Britta stacked at 9 months                                        Britta relaxing on the lounge 

Melb Royal BOB 1.JPG (23475 bytes)                                  britta spread 1.JPG (71406 bytes)

Britta with her Melbourne Royal BOB ribbons                            Britta at agility training

           Britta DOTB.JPG (56834 bytes)

Britta with her first                         With the Dual Ch Markheim             At Gundagai with the

   Retrieving Trophy                            Debonair Trophy                         "dog on the tuckerbox"

 For pictures of Britta at Agility      For Xmas pictures of Britta

For pictures of Britta at Retrieving      For pictures of Britta's puppies


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