Obtaining a Munsterlander

If you are interested in obtaining a Large Munsterlander you need to contact a breeder in your country unless you are willing to spend a lot of money importing the dog to your country. There are rules which are associated with importing dogs and depending on where you live, and what country the dog comes from, these rules can include quarantine periods, vaccinations and tests. 

Most people prefer to look closer to home. Since the majority of enquiries I get are from the United States I would suggest that you visit the Large Munsterlander Club of North America web site as it lists all breeders, where they live and when they are having puppies. Be warned though they rarely sell to "pet" homes as they have such a large demand for working dogs.

Should you live outside of the United States my links page also has web sites world wide which may help you with your search. My kennel is situated in Australia. 

Most people prefer to obtain a puppy, although sometimes an older dog may suit your needs better. Some countries have "Rescue Services" to rehouse older dogs. The UK has a good rescue service, in Australia it is often better to contact the breeders.

Older dogs usually come about from a change in circumstances of the owner (people moving or family issues) or sometimes Show dogs do not turn out quite how the breeder planned  so they are looking for new homes.

The only thing to be aware of with older dogs is although you get to miss the "puppy stage", older dogs can be set in their ways and take longer to settle in.

Either way should you have decided on getting a puppy or taking on an older dog I wish you all the best with your search.

If you need any advise please send me an e-mail.


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