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                   Tara.jpg (86013 bytes)  Ratek Large Munsterlanders - Australia


                   Hermes.jpg (16130 bytes)  Hermes Large Munsterlander - New Zealand


                   UK LM club.jpg (20748 bytes) Large Munsterlander Club of UK


                        LMCNA.jpg (21519 bytes)  Large Munsterlander Club of North America - North America


                        German 1.jpg (10888 bytes)  Large Munsterlander Club of Germany


                        Czech club.jpg (24651 bytes) Large Munsterlander Club of Czechoslovakia 


                                                     Raycris Large Munsterlanders - U.K. (Old site)

                    raycrisfamily.jpg (69330 bytes)    Raycris Large Munsterlanders - UK (New site)


                        Rebel2.jpg (55072 bytes)  Bluemooska Kennels - Australia


                        Suki_and_Beamer_tn.jpg (4703 bytes)  Dianne Davies - U.K.


                        Ichbin.jpg (73496 bytes)   Ichbin Large Munsterlanders - UK


                   Erinmoore Max.jpg (15405 bytes)  Erinmoor Large Munsterlanders - UK


                   daleander.jpg (28627 bytes) Daleander Large Munsterlanders - UK


                        Conamore.jpg (20207 bytes)  Conamore Large Munsterlanders - UK


                   Kelsey.jpg (33228 bytes)  Nicky Logie's Large Munsterlanders - Scotland


                        Scotish.jpg (22612 bytes)    Scottish Large Munsterlanders


                        Franorst.jpg (18019 bytes)  Franorst Large Munsterlanders - Scotland


                   Blitzan.jpg (24709 bytes)    Blitzan Large Munsterlanders - UK


                        Jagerreh.gif (40960 bytes)     Jagerreh Large Munsterlanders - UK


                        Chontelle.gif (34816 bytes) Chontelle Large Munsterlanders - UK


                        pointing dogs.jpg (34410 bytes)    Pointing Dogs Picture Gallery 


                        BARON & MARSHA.JPG (61383 bytes)    Large Munsterlander Dog


                        max.jpg (33099 bytes)  Max "Van't Proostmeer" - Holland


                   logo.png (22167 bytes)    Netherlands Large Munsterlander Club


                       fred1.jpg (165002 bytes)  Dutch Large Munsterlanders - Holland


                       exellogo.jpg (40562 bytes)   Exelseveld Large Munsterlanders - Holland


                       Danish.JPG (57566 bytes)   Danish Large Munsterlanders - Denmark


                  french.jpg (5001 bytes)    French Munsterlander, Brittany & Longhair Club


                        french site.jpg (45068 bytes)    A French Large Munsterlander Web Site


                         Pia C. Gröning's Website


                       Champdogs.jpg (9485 bytes)    Champdogs UK


                   LM rescue.gif (38142 bytes)    Large Munsterlander Rescue UK


                       reuger.jpg (65841 bytes) Schimmelbeck Large Munsterlanders - Australia


                         facts_title.gif (16050 bytes)  Burkes Backyard Road Test


                          Large Munsterlander Mailing List


                    Large Munsterlander Merchandise


                          Canine Fine Arts



                    Australian Gundog Web Sites


                        Bridgewood.jpg (67718 bytes)    Bridgewood & Tarquin English Setters - Australia


                        Martinridge.jpg (52156 bytes)  Martinridge Irish Setters - Australia


                        Dana.jpg (51574 bytes)  Nzarra Hungarian Vizsla - Australia


                        Heiderst.jpg (46034 bytes)  Heiderst German Shorthaired Pointers - Australia


                        Valache.gif (33792 bytes)  Valache German Shorthaired Pointers - Australia


                        Sherwyn.jpg (31188 bytes)   Australasian Gundog Magazine & Sherwyn Setters


                        Waldwiese.jpg (19247 bytes)  Waldwiese Weimaraners - Australia


                        Aceweis.gif (15110 bytes) Aceweis Weimaraners - Australia


                   irma's page.jpg (8984 bytes)   Irma's Welshies page


                                                 Weimaraner Club of SA Inc


                         Golden Club.jpg (11474 bytes)  The Golden Retriever Club of SA inc


                        Buidhe.jpg (13826 bytes)   Buidhe Golden Retrievers & Yorkshire Terriers



                    Non Australian Gundog Sites


                        GLP.jpg (34563 bytes)  German Longhaired Pointers - Ulrika Larsson - Sweden


                        small munsterlander.jpg (30471 bytes)   Gosch Small Munsterlanders - North America



                   Australian Canine Associations


                   Australian National Kennel Control


                    South Australia




                        New South Wales


                        Australian Capital Territory






                        Western Australia 


                        Northern Territory                       


                    Other Breeds & Dog Activities Web Sites


                        Caprivi.jpg (138376 bytes)  Caprivi Rhodesian Ridgebacks - Australia


                        barker_dogs.jpg (3520 bytes)   Barker Agility World - Australia 



                        VCA agility.gif (12456 bytes) Victorian Agility Web Site



                        Online Pet Directories


                          Kaynine Online - Australia


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Please note the pictures I have used are mostly ones that I own, or have taken at shows. Other photos I have been given permission to use (if they were not my photo's) either by having the photo sent to me or copying it from the persons website. There are some photo's of dogs I particularly like that I have also included, if you own these dogs in question and do not wish them to be included please let me know & I will remove the picture immediately. Also if I have included a picture of your dog I have taken at a show and you want it updated with a picture you prefer please send it to me and I will change over the photo.  If I have listed your dogs name in the Roll of Honor and you wish to add a photo e-mail me a jpeg picture or e-mail me for my postal address.   

Should you wish to use any pictures included on these pages (unless you own the dog) please contact me before copying them.  The little "Munster on point"  was created by and is owned by Tracie Edwards. 

All details included in the breed history has been gained from reading many articles, and collating the most common reports. Should you feel you have a more accurate recount of the breeds history please contact me so I can rectify any errors.