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Kyle__me.JPG (48508 bytes)My name is Tracie Edwards and I an a licensed Gundog judge, I bought my first Large Munsterlander in early 1989 from Kathy Seely at Seelenmeyer Kennels, at the time I was given a handbook on the breed in this book was an unnamed photo with which I decided was my vision of the breed. After buying my second Munster in 1990 I decided that it was time to make my "Vision" of a Munster a reality. So in 1992 I set about to find the best and most suitable Stud Dog available.

In late 1992 I found the dog I was looking for, an English Import into Australia Ch Raene the Kqrac Falcon JW (Imp UK) owned by Viv McLaughlin, "Falcon" displayed many of the traits I was looking for in a Munsterlander. His temperament and working ability combined with his confirmation was just what I wanted. He had been worked by Viv's husband and Britta had competed in Retrieving trials, so both dogs had a working background.  "Britta" was mated to "Falcon" and in May 1993 I whelped my first litter. The rest is history.

In Australia we have a TV program called "Burkes Backyard" it is a lifestyle program which each week includes a "Pet Road Test" My dogs were featured in the first “Burkes Backyard” magazine in 1998 as the pet road test, after being filmed late in 1997 for the TV show. I was first asked to do the road test in 1994 but the timing was never right, yearly they contacted me to set a date. Finally we did it! We had around 15-20 Munsterlander present on the day, myself, Kerri Lees (Ratek Kennels) and Sue Nicks (Rheinmunst Kennels) were all interviewed. They filmed my dogs doing agility and other dogs fetching balls and running around. The show was a great success with much positive press for the breed in Australia.

 Some of the achievements of dogs owned or bred by Mistypoint Kennels:   

I have shown 3 dogs to their Australian Grand Champion Title. Two of my breeding the other one bred by Seelenmeyer Kennels. 

I have shown 6 more dogs to their Australian Championship Title. Five of my breeding and one Seelenmeyer. A further dog of my breeding has also been shown by his owner to his Australian Champion Title.

Bred the only female Australian Obedience Champion Munsterlander this dog is now also the breeds only Tracking Champion, owned and trained by Ros Kumela.

Won over 60 classes at in Group and in Show.

Won 3 Best Exhibit & 5 Runner Up Exhibit to Best Exhibit in Groups.

My dogs have gained over 500 challenge certificates between them.

In 10 years of "Royal Shows" my dogs have gained 5 Best of Breeds, 6 Runner up to Best of Breeds, 11 Challenge Certificates, 8 Reserve Challenge Certificates.

Trained 4 dogs to Novice Obedience level. Three of which have trialed 2 having won or placed in trials.

Trained and trialed 2 dogs to Open Obedience level.

Trained and trialed 5 dogs in Agility. My foundation bitch was the first Munsterlander in Australia with an Agility Title, her son was the second. Two second generation Mistypoint dogs Freya and Storm started training in late 2001 and Freya started trialling very successfully in July 2002 with a qualification and first place in her second Novice Agility trial followed up with her AD title in only a few weeks, placing 2nd & 3rd in the process.

Trained 1 dog to Novice Retrieving standard winning & placing in trials.

Trained 2 dogs at basic Retrieving level. 

Trained 1 dog at to basic Field Trial level.

Endurance tested 6 dogs, 4 of my breeding.

Four of my dogs were involved in the Golden Retriever Club’s Community Visit Scheme, where dogs visit Nursing homes, to bring a little smile to the faces of the residents. They all enjoy the extra cuddles and attention. We were involved with the Scheme since May 99, and it was a rewarding pastime for the dogs & myself.

Why Mistypoint Kennels?
I have been in Munsterlanders since early 1989, and I have spent a lot of time researching the breed and the pedigrees of all the Australian Munsterlanders and their overseas relatives, the litters that have been successes and those that have not.  Knowing about your breed and the dogs involved is important.

Too often the newest "dog on the block" is used over and again before it is clear what progeny they produce, by then it can be too late, or we can breed ourselves into a corner with all dogs related to one. The "new blood" is suddenly the most common dog appearing in many pedigrees. Although I do believe in experimental matings, the results should be clear before further matings take place.  

I would not claim to be the top breeder in Australia, a quick glance at the roll of honor will show who is successful and who is not  however I have bred the most successful litter in the history of the breed in Australia. A litter which has produced to date: 2 Aust Grand Champions, 4 Aust Champions, 1 Aust Obedience Champion, 1 Tracking Champion, 4 Endurance Tests, 2 Companion Dogs and 1 each of the Companion Dog Excellent, Utility Dog, Tracking Dog, Tracking Dog Excellent, Agility Dog,  Agility Dog Excellent, Jumping Dog, Jumping Dog Excellent and Agility Dog Masters Titles. This has all been attained by just eight puppies, 4 dogs and 4 bitches.

I have been the Assistant Secretary and Secretary of the Gundog Club of SA inc, and am currently the secretary of the Large Munsterlander Club of SA inc.

I was an Obedience Instructor for seven years and am in my third year instructing Agility so I have a lot of experience in training gun dogs, especially the Large Munsterlander, should you experience problems, I can give you help if needed. Even if your Munster is not bred by me.

I am training to be a Working Dog & Terrier Group Judge and can judge both groups at Open shows after gaining my license to award challenges for Gundogs at  Championship in December 2002.

I have trialed successfully in Obedience, Agility and Retrieving, as well as Showing my dogs. No other Munsterlander breeder in Australia has personally been involved successfully in so many disciplines.

Puppies are only available occasionally, my main focus is promoting the breed I love in as many disciplines as I can, not planning litter after litter. I only breed when I want to keep a puppy myself, not just for the purpose of having a litter. After all if the litter is not good enough for the breeder to plan on keeping a puppy is it good enough for you? 

The record of my dogs achievements speak for themselves, they have been successful in more than one discipline, they are NOT just "pretty show dogs". True "Beauty with brains" a statement backed up by real results, not just empty words. 

I refuse to be “Kennel blind” (only using stock from your own kennel) If a different kennel has something to offer, and is willing to let me use their dogs in a breeding program I will do it no matter what the prefix is.

My puppies are affordable to the average family. Price is available on application. Obviously not all litters produce the same standard of puppies, so they should not have one standard price! “New Bloodlines” mean nothing to you unless you already own a Munsterlander that you plan to breed in the future so why pay more to get what you have not had before?  


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Please note the pictures I have used are mostly ones that I own, or have taken at shows. Other photos I have been given permission to use (if they were not my photo's) either by having the photo sent to me or copying it from the persons website. There are some photo's of dogs I particularly like that I have also included, if you own these dogs in question and do not wish them to be included please let me know & I will remove the picture immediately. Also if I have included a picture of your dog I have taken at a show and you want it updated with a picture you prefer please send it to me and I will change over the photo.  If I have listed your dogs name in the Roll of Honor and you wish to add a photo e-mail me a jpeg picture or e-mail me for my postal address.   

Should you wish to use any pictures included on these pages (unless you own the dog) please contact me before copying them.  The little "Munster on point"  was created by and is owned by Tracie Edwards. 

All details included in the breed history has been gained from reading many articles, and collating the most common reports. Should you feel you have a more accurate recount of the breeds history please contact me so I can rectify any errors.