Aust Champion Mistypoint Eagle Hawk 
Owned by Harold & Dianne Bodein

Whelped 12th May 1993 

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Eagle's Pedigree


Cesar Vom Birkengrund (GMY)

  Eng Ch Axel Von Esterfeld Of Raycris (UK - IMP GMY)

Edda Amisia (UK)

Aust Ch Raene The Kqrac Falcon JW (IMP UK)

Plantagenets Hugo (UK)

  Eng Sh Ch Datroy Ovation Of Raene (UK) 

Meadlands Frederica Of Gavalie (UK)


Farro Von Der Langen Welde (GMY)

  Aust Ch Barry Vom Entenschnabel JW (IMP GMY)
  Anja Vom Kranemeer (GMY)
Aust Grand Ch Seelenmeyer Fantasia CD ADM JD ET
  Eng Ch Ravenshead Sacha Of Raycris (UK)
  Aust Ch Raene Passion (IMP UK)
  Bonney Von Wenningfeld Of Jemas (GMY)

Eagle's achievements:

Gained his Australian Champion title April 1995

Multiple best of breed winner at Championship shows

Obedience trained to intermediate level

Loving companion to Harold & Dianne


                Eagle as a baby stacked and sitting.


Eagle as a puppy relaxing and playing.


Eagle stealing a puppy rug                                    Eagle at 5 months. 

 Eagle at 16 months                                    Eagle showing some speed.

eagle exploring.jpg (62282 bytes)   

  Eagle out for some exploration            Showing off his tail

Eagle 6yrs.JPG (36799 bytes)                      Eagle 6yrs beach.JPG (44355 bytes)

Eagle at 6 years on holidays down the beach with his owners.


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