Kellie's Litter 

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Kellie's litter was whelped 3rd May 2000 she had 4 girls and 2 boys. Although it was an "experimental" mating it produced many good points. All six puppies are pictured below.

Kellie & babies.JPG (37584 bytes)             Kellie & babies 3.JPG (29844 bytes)        Kellie & babies 1.JPG (41776 bytes)

Kellie's puppies lust loved to be fed.....just like their mother!!!!!  

Kellie & babies 2.JPG (38895 bytes)        Kellie & babies 4.JPG (53948 bytes)            Kellie & babies eating.JPG (52734 bytes)   

They were forever eating.....

 Kellie & babies in a row.JPG (36776 bytes)        Kyle & babies.JPG (39597 bytes)        Kellie's babies.JPG (37185 bytes)    Kyle & Lily.JPG (46014 bytes)

                All in a row!!!         With daddy watching on       More sleeping             Kyle says hello to Lily

Kyle & Molly.JPG (47768 bytes)    Christopher ball.JPG (32745 bytes)    Lily's ball.JPG (30268 bytes)   

            Kyle & Molly            Christopher & the ball        Lily with the ball            Hailey with the ball