Britta's Puppies 

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Britta's litter was born 12th of May 1993. She had eight puppies 4 dogs & 4 bitches.

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Britta's new born babies                    Growing fast           Growing very fast     Always chasing "mum"

Britta's babies 1.JPG (35268 bytes)        Britta's babies running.JPG (47131 bytes)        Puppies.JPG (44094 bytes)

Puppies just love to run and play....or curl up.....and play!

Kyle & Alex babies.JPG (39191 bytes)        Kyle vs plant.JPG (32376 bytes)        eagle baby.JPG (37384 bytes)

Kyle & Alex relaxing          Kyle doing some gardening           Eagle relaxing 

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Eagle thieving a puppy rug               Alex & Kyle "on the rocks"             Marsha grooming her brush 

Chloe & me.JPG (28624 bytes)        Chloe says goodbye.JPG (58814 bytes)        

A sad day we say goodbye to Chloe, and Chloe says goodbye to Jasper.