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Zara's Litter 

All photo's are reduced, to see the full size picture click on the reduced image.

Zara's litter was whelped on the 29th September 2002.

Zara's litter 3 days.JPG (87427 bytes)    Zara litter day 12.JPG (90155 bytes)

Zara's litter at three days & 12 days

19 days.JPG (85346 bytes)    Zara's litter 3 weeks.JPG (76046 bytes)

Puppies at 19 days and three weeks with Zara

Zara's litter 4 weeks.JPG (77931 bytes)    5 weeks.JPG (85556 bytes)

Zara & her babies at 4 weeks and the babies eating at five weeks

B2 B1 G4 6W.JPG (57789 bytes)    Zara babies 6W.JPG (76055 bytes)

Puppies at six weeks